Charity Argentine Tango - 7th July 2018

Tango Teachers Emilia & Benjamin are argentine artists trained in art schools and universities in: tango, folklore, contemporary dance and other disciplines. They are technicians in dance, received at the Etec de Art of Brazil and creators and choreographers of the Charme Tango Company, who have been working together for more than 9 years.

They began their studies in the Faculty of Arts and in the Regional Technological University, in different private schools of tango and in the National University of Art in tango from Buenos Aires. They learnt from masters such as Osvaldo and Coca Cartery, Los Veliz, Tanguito Ceja, Mario Morales, Toto Faroldo, Gustavo and Giselle Naviera among others; and were distinguished with a scholarship of training as dancers and teacher in the DNITango school.

In Brazil, they continued their training with international masters in contemporary dance, somatic education, Eutonia, Feldenkrais, research in art, audiovisual in dance and choreographic composition.They worked in companies of tango from Buenos Aires and gave workshops, regular class, lessons in technique and performance at the Northern Tango Academy (Liverpool, Manchester, Menston, York and Nottingahm - UK), Tango Mango Festival (Totnes - UK), Gilles Cuena Tango Space (Paris - France), Studio Inspiration (Fukuoka - Japan), Milonga La Yapa (Barcelona, Spain), Center of Reference of the Dance of the City of São Paulo, São Paulo Theatre, Etec Arts Center (Brazil), Derby Tango, Cambridge Tango, Norfolk Tango in UK and in several cities in Switzerland, Spain, Tunisia, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina.

They have organized milongas and festivals throughout their tango careers and have worked as guests Djs in different milongas.