Charity Argentine Tango - 7th July 2018

Mike Mike is a regular DJ for Edinburgh Tango and is in demand for milongas elsewhere.

Within one year of starting he was DJ at major tango events e.g. Edinburgh International Tango Festival and Burning Tango (California).

He has been DJ for milongas that included leading tango dance professionals such as Pablo Inza & Sofia Sobarido; Luis Bianci & Daniella Pucci ; Guillermo Torrens &Maria Maragaki; Ricardo & Jenny Oria (La Redonda and Nortena).Playing music mainly from the golden era of tango he develops drama ,romantic tension and other emotions that build over several tandas.

He is passionate about tango music and is happy to talk to dancers about the music and to let everyone know which songs are being played. By engaging with the dancers he likes to ensure that everyone enjoys the music and the dancing and has a great time. He uses his facebook page (  to discuss the music and answer dancers questions about the music.